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Mercedes Gonzalez has lived in Cairns for over 30 years, and has over 37 years of extensive experience in the travel industry. In that time, she has seen the market and consumer needs constantly change, and has been able to adapt to meet the needs of her clients. By providing her clients with tailored options from business events, to corporate travel and luxury getaways and more. Mercedes proudly utilises her expertise and understanding of the travel industry, resulting in once-in-a-lifetime holidays!

When you book a private charter with Mercedes Gonzalez Travel, you travel with Mercedes Gonzalez. Mercedes has been the driving force behind exclusive, sophisticated, private tours and charters, departing from Cairns, Australia and hosted by none other than Mercedes herself!  

Mercedes is exceptionally well-traveled and has spent decades building relationships with reputable suppliers and airlines to ensure that she is able to provide gold standard service to her customers. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, she is well versed in the customs and traditions of a multitude of countries and cultures to expertly guide you through ensuring that you have the best travel experience possible.

A Cairns local for the last three decades, Mercedes is committed to supporting local businesses and has a comprehensive network of business partners, ensuring that she is able to provide the best prices and experiences to her customers.

Mercedes Travel is personally accredited by ATAS, a proud member of Helloworld and a Helloworld Retailer of the Year winner!

Mercedes Gonzalez Travel prides itself on possessing an industry-leading vision about what constitutes expert travel planning and assistance. In a post-covid world, Mercedes understands that circumstances can quickly change, and is proud to provide flexible after-hours assistance to help make additional arrangements or resolve issues. Tailoring travel arrangements to each client, Mercedes Gonzales Travel Management has a comprehensive understanding of both domestic and international travel, meaning that your trip will be perfect for your needs and requirements.

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Established with an industry-leading vision about what constitutes expert travel planning and assistance, Mercedes Gonzalez Travel Management is a mobile travel agency which provides travel services specifically tailored to the needs of each client, including 24/7 availability to make additional arrangements or resolve issues. Mercedes Gonzalez Travel Management also has a comprehensive knowledge of the way that both domestic and international travel works, so it is able to contact the right people and make the right calls to achieve timely, effective outcomes – first time, every time.